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Symptoms & Treatment Options

Understanding Anxiety

Without question, we all get stressed from time to time. One of the components of the human nervous system is the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the so-called “fight or flight” response. Everyone is susceptible to that jolt of adrenaline that hits during times of stress. And anxiety is not necessarily a bad thing – it often serves as a performance enhancer. But in individuals who suffer with anxiety disorders, the “fight or flight” “switch” becomes activated when it should not be, causing significant distress and functional impairment.

Young man with anxiety seeking help from his psychiatrist

Symptoms of Anxiety

Patients with anxiety disorders frequently present with excessive worry, irrational fears, and overthinking. There are often physical symptoms of anxiety, such as muscle tension, fatigue, headache, or upset stomach. Children and adolescents are particularly prone to the physical symptoms of anxiety, as their bodies often “speak” for them. In very young children, anxiety often manifests in the form of hallucinations (hearing and seeing things that are not there).

Psychotherapist reassuring teenager with anxiety

Options for Treating Anxiety

There are a number of different medications and therapy modalities that can be extremely helpful for people suffering with anxiety. Dr. Rogers is well-versed in the treatment of children, teens, and adults with anxiety disorders.

A young woman struggling with anxiety talks with her psychiatrist